Help for When You Chip a Tooth

Accidents rarely happen at a convenient time, and dental injuries are no exception. Whether you've chipped a tooth during a late-night game of basketball or knocked out a tooth entirely during a fall, it is important to get treatment quickly, and at Granite Hills Dental Team in El Cajon, CA, we offer emergency dentistry. Dentists Dr. Michael Tyler and Dr. Jared Gibbons are at the ready to help you in case of a dental emergency, including a chipped tooth.

What should I do if I chip my tooth?

Teeth are strong and durable but aren't impervious to injury. With enough force, a tooth can become chipped, leaving a jagged surface susceptible to decay or infection.

If you chip a tooth, first try to collect any pieces that have fallen off, as it may be possible to reattach them if large enough. Keep the piece safe and bring it with you to your emergency dentistry appointment at our El Cajon, CA, office.

If you are experiencing pain from your chipped tooth, try holding a cold compress in the area or using an over-the-counter pain reliever. Dental wax can be used to coat the damaged area if it is irritating your gums. Make sure to visit your dentist as soon as possible to keep the chipped tooth from becoming infiltrated with bacteria or infected.

What can my dentist do for my chipped tooth?

Most chips or cracks in a tooth can be repaired with dental bonding or a crown. If your chipped portion is able to be reattached, your dentist can do so with bonding, which uses cement-like material to adhere the piece back to your original tooth to restore its shape and function. Alternately, a crown can be used to cover the damaged portion. A crown is a cap for the tooth which is cemented to the surface and shaped and tinted to look like your natural tooth. Both are durable, long-lasting options.

Call Dr. Tyler or Dr. Gibbons of Granite Hills Dental Team in El Cajon, CA, for your emergency dentistry needs. Reach us at 619-579-0233. 

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